Demand breeds supply

Specialized services

The main function is protection against moisture, dust, dirt, burnout, as well as wear resistance - paints are not erased, not smeared. Pressing (the second name) gives the paper stiffness and density. Decorative function - matte nobility or glossy glamor, or velvet or texture? All this is possible with lamination

Types of binding

A voluminous complex of work requiring knowledge, care and accuracy


Stitching - we will quickly and easily assemble your project, brochure or copy of a book. Our possibilities range from simple - a spring with a colored plastic cover to a beautiful and presentable hardcover.

Stitching projects

You worked hard, created a masterpiece, pored over a boring and annoying project - and now you have no strength before the last jerk, to put this "# @; - (&" together (well, you understand). Yes, it will cost, but it will only make it easier for you!


Lamination is not a secret, paper is afraid of dampness, but there is a solution - roll up your document, poster in film, even up to A0 + format

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